Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) Councillor, Anu Bali kicks started Tile works of Rs. 3 lakh at a lane in Green Enclave Church, Rajpura falling in Ward-24 which was the long pending demand of the residents.
Corporator Anu Bali while addressing the media said that Ward-24 has progressed a lot as far as development and construction of lanes and drains and other works are concerned.
She urged upon the locals of the area to maintain social distancing and wear masks in order to save themselves from the Coronavirus pandemic.
Green Enclave Church FatherĀ  Saturnino Francix, Father Alex Fernadis including local residents appreciated the Corporator Anu Bali for fulfilling the lond pending demand of the area which was ignored by the previous governments.
Naveen Bali, Corporator Surinder Chowdary, Satpal Jee, Batton Massi, Satnam Massi, Vijay Khokher, Mohammad Khan, Atul Bakshi, Bandir Massi, Raji Matoo, Mukthyor Bibi and others were also present on the occasion.