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Man places online order for apples, finds iPhone inside



In an unexpected event, a UK resident, who made an online purchase of groceries including apples, received an Apple iPhone along with his supplies. The 50-year old, Nick James, was gifted a free iPhone SE as a courtesy of an online rewards scheme for customers of the UK-based supermarket chain Tesco.


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“A big thanks this week to @Tesco & @tescomobile. On Wednesday evening we went to pick up our click and collect order and had a little surprise in there – an Apple iPhone SE. Apparently, we ordered apples and randomly got an Apple iPhone! Made my sons week!” James tweeted.

The UK-based supermarket chain had randomly selected shoppers for promotional rewards that link with an item they had purchased from the supermarket’s online store, reports GizmoChina.

The marketing campaign is called the Super Substitute scheme and aims at replacing a particular item within a shopper’s cart with a surprise gift for randomly selected customers while the original item will be retained in the cart, the report said.

It is claimed that Tesco has doled out up to 80 such gifts to its online shoppers across its outlets in the UK, it added.

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About 200 injured in clashes with police




More than 200 Palestinian worshippers have been injured in clashes with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and elsewhere in occupied East Jerusalem, as weeks-long tensions between Israel and the Palestinians over Jerusalem soared again.


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The violence erupted on Friday near the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the Damascus Gate. The clashes also left at least six Israeli police officers injured.

“205 Palestinians have been injured,” the Red Crescent said.

The organization set up a field hospital in the area to provide the injured people with medical assistance.

During the protests, an Israeli police officer assaulted a cameraman of RT’s global multimedia agency Ruptly. The video issued by Ruptly shows the officer threatening to break the camera and then striking it from the journalist’s hands.
Following the incident, Ruptly suspended the live broadcast but resumed it soon.

The unrest in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem started a week ago over the plans of the Israeli authorities to resettle 28 Palestinian families from the area.

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Second Covid Wave To Peak By June: CLSA




covid 2 wave

Second Covid Wave. In its report, CLSA(Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia) has predicted a peak in daily cases additions for the ongoing wave to broadly happen in May for Maharashtra and in June for the rest of India.

According to the report, this should pave the way for some relaxations in lockdown rules in Maharashtra by mid-May to mid-June, which may be seen as a playbook for the rest of India.

The report has also predicted the situation during that time will be much worse than the current situation.

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CLSA Ltd. is a capital market and investment group focused on alternative investment, asset management, corporate finance and capital markets, securities and wealth management for corporate and institutional clients around the world.

“Our findings show the 7DMA of daily case addition during the second wave in these countries to have peaked when reported cumulative infections hit a median level of 2.5 per cent of the population in the respective country,” the report said.

The centre has already warned that the third wave will arrive in India and proper arrangements are being done to tackle the wave.

Amish Mahajan
Content Writer
JK Media

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Few weeks’ lockdown in India can stop Covid transmission, suggests top US expert Dr Fauci




Top US epidemiologist Anthony Fauci has suggested a lockdown for a few weeks in India as an immediate step to contain the spread of the coronavirus as its deadly second wave shows no signs of ebbing.


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Fauci, in an interview with The Indian Express, said another most important thing in the immediate is to get supplies of oxygen, medication, PPEs. He said looking at the magnitude of the crisis, India should look at putting together a crisis group that would meet and start getting things organised.

Without naming any government, he said one of the things that should have been recognised that “victory was declared maybe too prematurely”.

“Well, one of the things you really need to do, to the extent that you can, is shut down temporarily the country, I think is important. If we want to time out and go back to what I said: there is the immediate, the intermediate, and the long range (measures to contain the virus).

“I think the most important thing in the immediate is to get oxygen, get supplies, get medication, get PPE, those kinds of things but also, one of the immediate things to do is to essentially call a shutdown of the country,” said Fauci, who is the chief medical adviser to the Biden administration.

He said when China had a big explosion of coronavirus cases a year ago, they completely shut down. Fauci said it is not necessary to shut down for six months, but it can be a temporary one to put an end to the cycle of transmission.

So one of the things to be considered is to temporarily shut down, he said.

“Literally, lock down so that you wind up having less spread. No one likes to lock down the country. Well, that’s a problem when you do it for six months,” he said.

But just for a few weeks of lockdown could have a significant impact on the dynamics of the outbreak.

Some states have imposed a lockdown. Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said lockdown should be the “last resort” to deal with the raging pandemic and asked states to convince migrant workers to stay put at their places of work with a guarantee for their lives and livelihood.

Breaching its all previous records, India on Saturday hit a record daily high with over 4 lakh new infections, while the active cases crossed the 32-lakh mark.

The second wave of the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc, infecting lakhs and killing thousands every day for the past few days. There have been cases where people have died due to lack of medical facilities, including oxygen. In many cases, families have to arrange oxygen for their patients as they are not able to get admission in hospitals.

“I heard from some of the people in the street bringing their mothers and their fathers and their sisters and their brothers searching for oxygen. They seem to think there really was not any organisation, any central organisation,” Fauci said.

Underlining that vaccination plays a crucial role in handling the coronavirus situation, Fauci said if India, a country of 1.4 billion people, has fully vaccinated only two per cent of its total population, then it has a very long way to go.

“You’ve got to get supplies. You’ve got to make contractual arrangements with the various companies that are out there in the world. There are many companies that now have vaccines. I think you have to negotiate with them to try and get a commitment,” he said.

“And also, India is the largest vaccine-producing country in the world. That’s the thing — you should rev up your own capabilities to make vaccines,” he added.


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