Former minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla urged upon the J&K UT administration to intensify vigil for identifying basic public issues and reach out to the masses to mitigate the same.
He said that there is complete breakdown as far as law and order and internal security is concerned. It seems that the Government has no policy, no kind of action plan and seems that it is not moved by what is happening around.
While listening to the grievances of people from Old Satwari area here today Bhalla said that ensuing state of instability and chaos in J&K was a matter of serious concern, which if not taken seriously could prove disastrous. He said that governance instability, policy inconsistency and the deteriorating law and order situation in Kashmir were reminders of “how the slogan of ‘change’ raised by BJP Govt had proven to be a hoax. Bhalla said the “current atmosphere of despondency, doom and anxiety in the Valley making things worst in the absence of constructive and reconciliatory politics.
Bhalla accused BJP Government for the “rapidly deteriorating” situation in Kashmir. This was being done with a design to seek specific political dividends by the ruling regime. He said the BJP Government at the Centre instead of helping us get out of this vortex of violence was watching as a mute spectator. They seemed to have given up on J&K and failed in bringing in a workable, practical and sensible way-out. He said it was the time for BJP to do some introspection and listen to voices from the ground and do some correction.
Expressing shock over killing of yet another Sarpanch in Kashmir, Bhalla said elected members are also asking questions about why the Government expects people to be part of the democratic process if they still have not fulfilled their promises. He said the Panchayat members were assured that Rs 3,500 crore will be transferred directly into the accounts of Gram Panchayats, provided safe accommodation at district headquarters and offered insurance between Rs 2-4 lakh per head. The killing of political workers and elected Panchayat members is a matter of concern for all, he added.
Bhalla said that it is most unfortunate that the common people have no medium to raise their voice for their necessities like water, power, healthcare and education due to no elected Govt in J&K. The people have to come on roads to express their anger and seek redressal of their genuine grievances, Bhalla maintained.