BJP leader Ram Madhav has said that Wasim Bari, who along with his father and brother was killed in a “dastardly terrorist attack”, was a nationalist who always fought for India.
Madhav said that the Jammu and Kashmir administration is taking steps to punish those responsible for this laxity.
“Yesterday, there was a dastardly terrorist attack on Wasim Bari, one of our young and dynamic workers in Bandipora (Jammu and Kashmir). Wasim, his father and brother were killed, it is a sad and shocking incident. He was a nationalist who always fought for India,” Madhav said.
“Required security was provided to Wasim and his family. Eight Jammu and Kashmir Police Commandos were deployed for their security, yet there seems to be some lapse. Union Territory administration taking steps to punish those who are responsible for this laxity,” added Madhav.
According to Jammu and Kashmir Police, at about 8:45 pm on Wednesday, terrorists fired indiscriminately upon Bari and his family members outside their shops/residence in Muslimabad area of Bandipora. Bari along with his father Bashir Ahmad and brother Umer Bashir were killed in the attack.
“In this terror incident BJP leader identified as Wasim Bari, his father Bashir Ahmad and his brother Umer Bashir got seriously injured. All the three injured persons were shifted to hospital but unfortunately, they succumbed to their injuries,” read the police release.
Security personnel of former Bandipora BJP president Wasim Bari have been detained for “negligence” under the Police Act, the Jammu and Kashmir Police said.
The police said 10 policemen were deployed for his security but none was kept along by him at the time of the incident. A case is also being registered in this regard.
“Investigation is in progress and officers continue to work to establish the full circumstances of this terror crime besides why he was without any security at the time of the incident. The men deployed for his security are being detained for negligence under the Police Act,” it said.