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‘Covid-19 vaccine is for the prevention of the disease not for the cure’: Dr. Arun Sharma



Dr. Arun Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Maternity Child Hospital, GMC had an exclusive interview with JK Media executive Ashish Kohli. Dr. Sharma talked about the rising cases in Jammu and urged everyone to stay home. He also cleared the confusion between the rapid and RTPCR testing and expressed how important is it to het vaccinated.


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Q. Dr. Sharma, the second wave of corona is currently in the country and around 47 covid positive patients are hospitalised in GMC. What would you like to say?

The second wave of corona has already started in India. We as the Hospital Administration are ready for a good treatment of our patients. Out of 47 patients, more than 30 have oxygen cylinders available. Last year when covid was on peak, we started getting oxygen pipeline connections. Our patients are practicing yoga regularly for better immunity.

We have practiced cesarean delivery of women affected with corona and are all equipped to continue with it. Thanks to JK Medical supplies corporation for providing us ventilators, beds and supplies for the Operation theatres. Currently we have around 150 beds equipped with oxygen cylinders.

Q. How do you take special care of the patients infected with the virus?

I’ve been assigned the duty of Medical Superintendent of the Maternity Child Hospital. Rest, most of our staff is from different Hospitals. Maximum nurses and support staff is from GMC or Super Speciality Hospital. Patients from the Department who are admitted here have their own PGs, registrars and consultants to take their special care. Round the clock duty is being performed by the staff.

Q. There’s a lot of confusion between the rapid and RTPCR testing. Your take on that.

Rapid and RTPCR tests are meant for detecting whether the person is infected by the corona virus or not. These days maximum patients are asymptomatic. Others show mild symptoms like cold and cough while some show strong symptoms like pneumonia, chest problems and even death. All the symptoms depend on the level of immunity. However, the symptoms leave the body within 7-14 days.

Rapid testing is mostly for people who show symptoms and are sensitive. In 60-70% cases, rapid testing shows correct results. But for people with mild symptoms, RTPCR testing is generally better as it can be conducted on everyone.

Q. A lot of confusion and propaganda about the Covid-19 vaccination. What is it?

The covid-19 vaccine is like every other general vaccine. It’s just like the vaccination of measles and other infections that children get when they are small. This is to remember that the vaccination is for the prevention of the disease and not for its cure.

Even after getting vaccinated, you have to wear masks and follow all the guidelines for the virus. But, if you are vaccinated and come in contact with a Covid-19 affected person, your high immunity may save you. It is found that only 0.2% of the total vaccinated people have been affected with the virus, maybe their antibodies were formed late.

Q. Many people don’t know whether a person with mild symptoms should be home quarantined or admitted to Hospital. Any clarification on that.

Small children and old people above the age of 55 are the only ones who need to be admitted in the Hospital. Patients with comorbidity must go for a checkup. Middle aged people can get home quarantined and contact the control room. In case of strong symptoms like low oxygen saturation, they can visit the Doctor.

Q. Any message for the people.

Covid-19 second wave is at it’s peak. It’s spreading very quickly. I request everyone to stay home and stay safe. Don’t go out unless it’s necessary. If you do some shopping, please keep the stuff outside for some time after reaching home like last year. Please follow self precautionary measures and wear masks. Don’t force the Government to put lockdown.


COVID-19 news: Admin issues Fresh Guidelines/instructions




JK government on Sunday extended the Corona curfew for a week in 20 districts of the UT. Earlier the curfew was supposed to end at 7 am on Monday i.e 10th of April but now the curfew will remain imposed till 17th May. In between the Samba administration, issued guidelines for the corona curfew. No major change is seen in the order.

Samba Administration has issued guidelines under Section 144 of CRPC 34 of the section, Disaster Management Act and Section 2nd Epidemic Disease Act.

The guidelines issued are –

● All the permissible services in Corona curfew will function from 6 am till 10 am. These services include – medicine shops, testing labs, medical and clinical establishments, cattle feed and fodder, agricultural tools, seeds and pesticide shops, banks, ATMs, cash vans and insurance offices, petrol pumps, LPG agencies, fair price shops and FCI godowns, Wholesalers dealing with essential items, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and FCI mandis.

● There will be no hindrance to the smooth movement of goods and essential supplies, nomads migrating with herds.

● There shall be no restrictions on the inter-state and intra-state movement of essential goods on NH-44 stretch and other routes of Samba.

● All the employees will be only allowed to travel if they’ll be carrying an authorized ID card.

● Local retail grocery shops catering to local residential areas and mohallas, fruits and vegetable shops, milk and dairy shops, meat and chicken shops will be allowed to operate daily between 6 am to 10 am.

● Social Gatherings such as marriages that were earlier 50 have been now restricted to 25 while 20 persons can attend the last rites. For attending marriages invitation cards shall be treated as curfew passes.

Also, the administration has mentioned in the order that anyone found violating the guidelines shall be punishable under the above-mentioned sections.

Amish Mahajan
Content Writer
JK Media





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No Covid-19 related deaths in THESE states in last 24 hours




Good news: Not even a single person in these states lost their life due to COVID in the last 24 hours. Death rate also decreased.


Good news has come out from 4 states amidst Corona surge in the country. In these four states, no death reported from Corona in the last 24 hours.

Not only this, according to the Union Health Ministry, in 20 states and union territories, the population of 10 lakhs is below the national death average . However, it is higher than the national average in 16 states.These states have not lost their lives in the last 24 hours.
In Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Lakshadweep and Dadar, no one died of corona in the last 24 hours. Now this is a real news of relief.


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However, 4092 people lost their lives in the last 24 hours due to the epidemic. 71.75% of the total cases in 10 states.There have been 56578 cases in the last 24 hours in the country.

However, the maximum number of 71.5% cases has been reported in 10 states. At the same time, Maharashtra has the highest number of 56578 cases. While 47563 cases were reported in Karnataka and 41971 in Kerala. So far, 30.22 crore investigations have been done in the country. While the corona infection rate is 21.64%. There are 37 lakh cases active cases in the country so far.

This is just 16.76% of the total cases. National death also decreased.

Death rate in the country is steadily decreasing .It is currently 1.09%. In the last 24 hours, 4092 people have died in the country.
The number of death are increasing as the number of positive cases of corona virus are also increasing. But the deat rate is quite low, which is a sign of relief in this ongoing pandemic.

These states and UTs are doing well in terms of controlling the spread of virus. The administration has taken effective measures and provided proper medical facilities as well. Other states and UTs must check these states and learn from their working, especially where the cases are maximum.

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School Teacher dies of COVID-19 in Jammu





Renu Virender, a senior music teacher at the Presentation Convent Girls School in Jammu succumbed to the covid-19 virus.

According to sources, the Teacher wasn’t well since last few days. Her colleagues had urged the Principal to let her stay at home. However, the Principal, Sister Hema didn’t consider the matter serious and despite all this, called the Teacher to School.

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The Lieutenant Governor, last month, had clearly instructed the Teachers to give online classes from Home. Opposing the Governor rules, the Teacher lost her life due to Principal’s negligence.

People opposed this act and demanded justice for Renu. Many have requested FIR against the School Authorities on the basis of Disaster Management Act.

Renu Virender’s Husband Harvinder Singh is fighting for his life in ICU at Government Medical College. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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