BJP has called the abrogation of Article 370 as ‘the biggest historical achievement’ which directly aimed at providing the people of Jammu region their rightful place after breaking the shackles of phenomena of second grade citizenship which Jammu province suffered earlier.
In a handout J&K BJP Spokesperson, Abhijeet Jasrotia said, in Kashmir centric approach of NC and Congress, Jammu & Ladakh region were always neglected.
“Even in the distribution of Assembly seats Jammu region was cheated in spite of having more area and population,” he said.
“NC raising hue and cry over the abrogation of Article 370 should answer why injustice was done with the people of Jammu & Ladakh during their rule,” he asked.
The Spokesman also said that further sprinkling salt on the wounds of Ladakhis and Jammuites, the elections were rigged and 51 nominations of Prajaparishad were rejected and NC managed to get majority, surprisingly in Jammu too.
“This laid the foundation of anarchy, nepotism and favourism and Jammu was left on its own to defend,” he maintained.